Unearthing the panarchy, ecology, and Anna Montgomery, Chromalexicon, art
biogeography of the arts. A blog about the arts.


http://chromaphilia.comAnna Montgomery, Chromaphilia, art
Art is an act of self reclamation. Paintings.


http://chromasymphonic.comAnna Montgomery, Chromasymphonic, music
Music nuanced with color. Melodic musings.


http://chromapoesy.comAnna Montgomery, Chromapoesy, poetry
Apophenia and creativity. Poetry.


http://chromatoids.comAnna Montgomery, Chromatoids, art toys
The world of Chromania, where the art toys play.


http://chromadispersion.comAnna Montgomery, Chromadispersion, photography
Interplay of light and color. Photographs.


http://chromagrify.comAnna Montgomery, Chromagrify, digital art
Digital art transformations. New media art.


http://chromalingual.comAnna Montgomery, Chromalingual, art
The joys of colorful language. Fiction.

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  • Anna Montgomery: Thanks Jacque! I will see what I have that would be appropriate for the theme. I appreciate you taking the time to check out the websites and commenti
  • Jacqueline Scott: I'm impressed, Anna. I had to look up "panarchy" and now I can play with that universal concept. Love your site. Love your art. Please submit art/wri
  • Christopher: Wow!! Looks wonderful!! -Your bro




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